Zombies, Jazz and Crashing Servers

Yesterday I had to pre record my Rhubarb show because the server went wrong, however when the station goes on automation it should be played on rotation with other pre rec shows.

I have decided that the show will be called The Temporary Show and each week will have a different theme. Yesterday’s theme was Birmingham and Bestival and featured music from both. In future I hope to have someone with me so that I can talk further on the subject too.
This morning I rather excitedly looked on the Internet Zombie Movie forum to find that I’m the only person to have been shortlisted for the main female role of Maddie. There may still be other suggestions but I’ve got my wee fingers crossed. It would be so much fun plus….glam Halloween party! Hello!?!
Today I’m off to interview Mary Wakelam, the general manager of Birmingham Jazz. Mary is a sax player who has won an urban music performing arts bursary from the BBC. The interview will be for Created in Birmingham but Birmingham Jazz is curating a stage at Gigbeth so no doubt I’ll be asking her some Gigbeth related questions too!
Later I’ve got a committee meeting with Burnfm.com. The new studio is blue and does not have enough glass for my taste however I’m sure we’ll soon settle in. I spent too long yesterday filling out a Journalism Training Scheme application form and totally forgot to design the application for Burnfm.com mainstream shows…whoops!
Better get on with it…
Frank. x

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