Burn is back…and hotter than ever

For my tales of the open mic night I went to on thursday check out my gigbeth blog, http://www.gigbeth.com.

It was such an amazing evening and I made a good friend in Chris Walker, who gigs part time with Duke Special. Apparently he was watching my videos at rehearsal when Peter (mr Duke himself) had a watch. Chris told me they tried playing it in a different time signature….oh lordy!
On friday we had a record number of people turn up to our Burnfm freshers meeting. The response was incredible so now I must trawl through applications and put teams together for the broadcast beginning on the 20th October. It’s so exciting to see people getting as passionate as I am…..ahhhhh!
Tonight I’m having the evening off, going to a pub quiz in Selly Oak.
Frank x

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