wrong and sorry

I wrote a response to a blogger vis a vis Gigbeth the other day.

Unfortunately it was on the Gigbeth blog when possibly it should have been here, or perhaps no where.
Basically I responded to a blog which said that Sugarhill Gang and D Ream would be more in place at Gay Pride than Gigbeth so I responded by saying that Sugarhill Gang were at Bestival etc… Perhaps this would not have seemed out of term, but then I hinted at the blogger being a Simon Cowell type, this was completely wrong on my part and I am ever the idiot for saying it.
Right now I feel awful because I feel like I have let everyone at Gigbeth down and I hope the festival is not affected because of it. With the blog I find out the acts pretty much as everyone else does and then I report on it accordingly. There’s still over a month until the event and not everything is confirmed, with promoters who work with the festival still having not announced their final lineups.
I’ve been passionate about music in Birmingham since I moved here just over a year ago and Gigbeth really gives the scene a boost. I can’t believe I’ve been foolish enough to scupper that.
I’ve been blogging since, well this blog and the Gigbeth blog started and as of yet, have had no ‘code of conduct’ to adhere to. Previously its been as my perogative simply to report on the positives and I should have stuck to that. My passion clearly got the better of me in this case. Maybe I got carried away with trying to be a journalist. On Gigbeth this is not my job.
I hope that people will come and judge the festival themselves, not via my one silly, naive and remarkably short post. 

3 thoughts on “wrong and sorry

  1. Storms and Teacups. A flippant remark on my part, an honest retort on yours. Everyone is aware of your dedication and hard work for Gigbeth and the local Music scene so you appear to be ‘beating yourself up’ over nothing.
    I’m know it’ll be a blast.

    All the best

  2. Actually it’s kinda nice to see the blog responding, reacting and engaging with people, instead of putting out a slew of press releases, which is what you usually get with these things. Shows a bit of personality.

    It might help if we could see who writes each post – aren’t there a few different bloggers involved? That way we can see it’s a person’s reaction, not just an organisation’s.

    Anyway, it’s good to see the organisers are passionate – if that means contradicting people then so be it, as long as everyone’s adult about it.

  3. I really wouldn’t beat yourself up about it, it happens. I’m sure I will/have upset someone at some point.

    Like Chris said, I actually think it was a good thing because it generated a bit of discussion – Russ L’s very interesting post about the identity, etc. of the festival was born from this.

    And if you weren’t passionate you’d be boring, which you could never be!


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