Currently I am in love with…

Aqueous Cream BP – if you’ve ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it is the Windex of my world at the moment. Also a mighty fine bargain!

Chris Walker – Actually forces me to sing. And is taking me to see Forced Entertainment at the Warwick Arts Centre with their new show Spectacular. And bought me a locket.

Subkicks – Just confirmed for Gigbeth. Addicted within one listen. They sound hot.

Culture Deluxe – Site I now review for. Just got Los Campesinos’ new album to review and am off to review Ladyhawke, Electrilickers, Deluka and Deaf Oh Eff tonight at 444 Club from 8pm at the Rainbow, Digbeth.

444 Club – Just awesome.

Fuzz – As I am nicking her computer right now.


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