Photos and Abbey…

I’ve decided to change my profile pic to something more fun. As you can see i’ve had a bit of dutch courage and a whale of a time! Wanted something Birmingham/current rather than Kent/old.

For the time being I’ve had to change my blogger name to Abbey. This is because I’ve set up a viral blog, ‘Abbey on Art’ to coincide with the filming/promo for Internet Zombie Movie. Hat Trick Television, who are making mini webisodes  have asked for permission to show my blog in their webisodes and/or possibly in the half hour long documentary that is going to be made for BBC Three. (Oh my goodness!) It looks like I’ll be playing Abbey in the film which will be incredible. I’ll be filming from the weekend of the 18th and the following weekend. (Which leaves minimum time for editors…gulp.)
In radio land my poor station manager is ill so I helped lead today’s committee meeting. We’re looking at promotion, training and schedules. The schedule will hopefully be finished by sunday. I’m worried about Rhubarb as I don’t think that realistically, I have time to commit to it. I’ll try and settle in and see what happens but I know I need to focus first and foremost on (and my degree which I’m beginning to enjoy again.)

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