Radio rankings

So burnfm did not recieve any nominations for this year’s SRA awards.

Looking at the list the front runners seem to be URN (nottingham) and Smoke (westminister?)
Part of the reason for this is money.
Last year we had to go off air after three weeks because we hadn’t the money for air conditioning. 
I think one of the reasons our studio is small and ill equipped in comparison to other stations is due to our lack of radio course at the uni. Smoke fm is run by students who study radio and Nottingham is probably the same. Leeds has it’s own paid sabbatical station manager.
Of course part of it is down to dedication and, speaking for myself here, I am SO dedicated to I’ve spent the summer working at myspace radio, bbc radio and 4talent to get experience to help further this year. I really want to get Burn off the ground and up there with the best.
The thing is, the SRA should consider the size of stations. On it’s list of members it says the members for each station (which are wrong for Burn) and the transmission data. If they are so concerned with these details then they should be considered when selecting nominees. A station with say, 500 members has a larger talent pool/time for broadcast than one with less than a hundred. Each of those members will pay subscription fees which pump money into the station. Students are more likely to pay if the station already looks good/has benefitted from members’/student union money.
Some uni’s also are more willing to accomodate their stations. At the moment I’m not sure where Burn stands so my current plan is to try and improve relations with the uni and see where it goes…

2 thoughts on “Radio rankings

  1. I agree Frankie that the amount of money put into student radio is reflected in the output. Westminister has one of the top Radio courses in the country and so I’m not surprised to see them there. As well as money, the amount of support they get from there Uni’s is important. I have worked at both Birmingham City Uni’s Scratch Radio and Manchester Uni’s Fuse FM. The difference is amazing. Fuse FM is really well respected and listened to by not just students in the area. Scratch Radio endlessly struggles to even let its own students know it exists. Even though BCU has one of the top Radio courses some of the students see it as a waste of time because nobody is listening. If the station was marketed then the audience would build and the talent will come and so, hopefully, would the awards.

  2. Speaking on behalf of the SRA, please email us with any queries or concerns you have. I’m particularly interested in your opinions regarding financial variation and would happily consider any suggestions as to how we can accommodate the differing budgets our members have.

    With regards to the information we request about stations, it is simply so that we know how our members operate, as it is fair to say that there is no such a thing as an average student station. Not having access to that information would result in us being unable to do our job properly. As an example, I wouldn’t be able to make a suitable response to an OFCOM consultation without knowing the broadcast platforms used by members or the total number of members involved in student radio across the UK: and these vary on at least a yearly basis

    As for the accuracy of the details, they would have been correct as of the time we received the membership form from Burn this year: you’re more than welcome to request a log-in for your station to change the details as necessary, or to send us the correct information so we can update it.

    My email address is always open to comments and suggestions about the SRA: it is much easier for me to do my job if I have as many as possible.

    I’ll add that we’ve been working on some big plans regarding the promotion of the student radio community as a whole, which we’ll be launching in the next few weeks.

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