I’ve got this recurring illness that keeps coming back so I’m off to the doctors asap… I’ve even had to miss most of Gigbeth, which as the blogger, totally doesn’t make sense. I’m absolutely gutted. If I dwell on it I know the stress will make me feel worse so I’m going to sweat/shiver it out for as long as I can bear…

Anyway, back to more bloggy stuff.

I’m shocked today at the cheek of the media. Cadbury’s have reintroduced their two ‘joy’ adverts (i.e that crazy expensive Gorilla one and the wierd large lego truck one which didn’t work as well) and just changed the music! Huh?

Also the NME have compiled a ‘non-rocker’ Cool List which had laughable ‘thrown together at the last minute’ cracks. Richard Ayodae of Garth Marenghi and The IT Crowd I totally understand…but Wall-E???

I also believe that NME are no longer cool or respected enough to make judgements such as putting Heath Ledger on the list with this description…

There was something about the actor’s drug-induced death at 28 – coupled with the manner in which his posthumous turn as The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ held up a mirror to troubled times – that was more reminiscent of Kurt Cobain than, say, James Dean.

This horribly misjudged statement implies that Ledger was some kind of Class A drug addict rather than a celebrated actor and father. Kurt Cobain killed himself, this comparison also implies the same of Ledger. Accidental death is not cool. And nothing NME can say will change that.

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