Burnfm…back with a band?

A couple of days ago I finally decided to GET ON WITH IT!

‘It’ being the first Burnfm.com Battle of the Bands. We’ve scheduled it for the 26th March (thursday before term ends.)

I’m currently on a desperate search for the organisers of Vale Fest so that I can negociate a slot on one of their stages for our winner. I also need to find some willing judges who are passionate about finding new and up and coming talent. I feel it is important for people to show their enthusiasm for Birmingham produced music as this is one of the issues raised by organisations such as Gigbeth.

We’re looking for about 5-10 acts. The amount of songs they play will depend on how much interest we recieve. If we have 10 then I’m currently pondering whether to get them to play one ‘crowd pleasing’ cover and one of their own songs (so the judges can really pick up on whether they have that ‘special spark.’

I’m going to have talks with members of Rock Soc, Indie Soc and the newly launched Band Soc to try and see how the event will work and how to get people involved….

Any ideas please comment or email me

On other Burnfm.com stuff we’ve been back online for nearly a week and finally have some stings and beds in place which is lovely! We’re going to sort out more marketing and start talking…!

The most important thing to get off the ground is the computer system which our Tech guy, Michael Barton has built us an automated playback system. He just has to correct a bug in the program and then we’ll all be able to put music on the system and really get things off the ground.


Frank x

Created in Birmingham wins Best UK Blog

Created in Birmingham has won the 2008 Best Uk Blog in the Weblog awards.


This has pretty much entirely been down to Chris Unitt who has been entirely dedicated to the site for over a year and is now handing over editorial duties to Kate Spragg. Thanks also must go to fellow nominee Pete Ashton who gracefully told all and sundry to vote for CIB rather than himself. Also to everyone who facebooked, twittered and blogged about voting for us. There’s a list of heroes on this CIB post.

I need to get in contact with Kate and sort out if I am still contributing to CIB, and I definitely want to but having had to start doing heaps of coursework I have been a bit on the quiet side! I still want to do interviews though, specially as now I have a portable camera, filming will be much easier.

If you want to see any of the interviews I’ve done for CIB you can see them by clicking on the following hyperlinks:

Lee Parsons of Ditto Music

Photographer and Birmingham Live! founder Steve Gerrard

Clare Edwards of Gigbeth Festival and Conference

Musician and Birmingham Jazz Manager Mary Wakelam

Ian and Pip of 7″ Cinema

Jenny and Lisa of Capsule

Again, well done to Chris and everyone else involved

Frank xxx


Looking at my blog posts for the past few days I feel like I’ve been a bit unfocused with this.

The joy of blogging is it’s your own free space, but at the same time you can use it for a particular purpose. Currently my purpose seems to be just type up everything I’m working on. I guess its kind of eclectic.

As I’m busy with three drama practicals (for assessment in december) and a couple of assessed essays I’ve had to clear my diary out in terms of reviews and getting out and about and ‘meeting creatives.’

I was on twitter when I discovered Ed Walker’s blog. Being a student who dabbles in journalism I found his site really interesting and left a couple of comments. It was his blog that also made me rethink my own. I want to continue writing for Gigbeth but I also know that right now I’ve got to sort my degree out. Being ill in various grades of seriousness for three weeks has set me back a bit. It turns out I had a kidney and a chest infection at the same time so I’m still doing delightful tests for the doctors to make sure all the nastiness is gone.

As Gigbeth was my music focused blog, this was more about everything else. I may keep it general. Currently it seems to focus on Burnfm, other people’s music, my own music, youtube, internet zombie movie and a bit of drama (degree). I am starting to pick up on other people’s websites as well, which I quite enjoy doing so I may continue.

If I achieve my ultimate year old objective of Station Manager of Burnfm on the 2nd December I believe this blog will focus more on radio, but I’ll address that idea if and when I come to it.

If you have an opinion, then I welcome it. This isn’t youtube so I doubt I’ll get “Your fat, give up already” comments!

Frank. x


I’ve got this recurring illness that keeps coming back so I’m off to the doctors asap… I’ve even had to miss most of Gigbeth, which as the blogger, totally doesn’t make sense. I’m absolutely gutted. If I dwell on it I know the stress will make me feel worse so I’m going to sweat/shiver it out for as long as I can bear…

Anyway, back to more bloggy stuff.

I’m shocked today at the cheek of the media. Cadbury’s have reintroduced their two ‘joy’ adverts (i.e that crazy expensive Gorilla one and the wierd large lego truck one which didn’t work as well) and just changed the music! Huh?

Also the NME have compiled a ‘non-rocker’ Cool List which had laughable ‘thrown together at the last minute’ cracks. Richard Ayodae of Garth Marenghi and The IT Crowd I totally understand…but Wall-E???

I also believe that NME are no longer cool or respected enough to make judgements such as putting Heath Ledger on the list with this description…

There was something about the actor’s drug-induced death at 28 – coupled with the manner in which his posthumous turn as The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ held up a mirror to troubled times – that was more reminiscent of Kurt Cobain than, say, James Dean.

This horribly misjudged statement implies that Ledger was some kind of Class A drug addict rather than a celebrated actor and father. Kurt Cobain killed himself, this comparison also implies the same of Ledger. Accidental death is not cool. And nothing NME can say will change that.

I did a loserish thing…

…I googled myself!

I’m always googling artists so when I googled the person I’m interviewing today my gigbeth blog came up! So I googled myself and this site is on the bottom of the first page…If you look at the second there’s also Gigbeth and CIB. I feel recognised! ok…so it’s not anyone writing about me, but it means people can find my work…and my facebook!


ugh still feel ill….



Hot and Cold

I have felt absolutely rotten for the past couple of days.

Tomorrow I have an important interview so I hope I’ll feel a bit more on form! My house has no hot water or heating at the moment so when I am cold I am really cold. I’ve shaken so hard today my leg went pop! (Ouch!) Right now I’m all hot and all over the place but hopefully it will calm soon.

Burnfm.com has been going well so far. I’m going to have a meeting with my mainstream team now they’ve experienced being on air and have a feel for radio. This will hopefully lead to correlation within shows, with linking features, competitions etc.. I want to get it settled into routine before my essays/practical exams kick in so I can focus on work and not worry!

I really want to make a video for Gigbeth’s Sugarhill Gang Competiton but right now don’t feel so great, perhaps I’ll hip hop out in my pj’s!