Created in Birmingham wins Best UK Blog

Created in Birmingham has won the 2008 Best Uk Blog in the Weblog awards.


This has pretty much entirely been down to Chris Unitt who has been entirely dedicated to the site for over a year and is now handing over editorial duties to Kate Spragg. Thanks also must go to fellow nominee Pete Ashton who gracefully told all and sundry to vote for CIB rather than himself. Also to everyone who facebooked, twittered and blogged about voting for us. There’s a list of heroes on this CIB post.

I need to get in contact with Kate and sort out if I am still contributing to CIB, and I definitely want to but having had to start doing heaps of coursework I have been a bit on the quiet side! I still want to do interviews though, specially as now I have a portable camera, filming will be much easier.

If you want to see any of the interviews I’ve done for CIB you can see them by clicking on the following hyperlinks:

Lee Parsons of Ditto Music

Photographer and Birmingham Live! founder Steve Gerrard

Clare Edwards of Gigbeth Festival and Conference

Musician and Birmingham Jazz Manager Mary Wakelam

Ian and Pip of 7″ Cinema

Jenny and Lisa of Capsule

Again, well done to Chris and everyone else involved

Frank xxx

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