Youtube is currently featuring a video by Channel 4 on how to submit an online audition for Big Brother 2009.

C4 have got ex housemates to give advice on how to get onto the show…

The comments on the above video are mostly negative, which show that perhaps Youtube is not the best place for C4 to have attempted a BB partnership…Myspace would probably have been a better bet.

However this comment on the audition video made me laugh

Big Brother sucks a big fat one. George Orwell’s greatest work has been desacrated by this monstrous pile of shit.

To be honest, I don’t think that George Orwell’s work has been desecrated…if anything perhaps more people will have read 1984 because of the Big Brother concept and if they haven’t then they probably don’t associate the phrase Big Brother with literature.

So, why am I posting about this anyway…The thing is, I need somewhere to stay over summer!

Basically I’ve posted a shortened version of a video I’ve already made, (The Youtube Factor) and a new video…

To be honest I haven’t tried very hard, and people who know me know that I’ll end up, if I’m asked to audition, seeking out the producers and asking for work experience! I mean imagine if I was selected…if I was interviewed every session would end with me handing over my business card and trying to blag a reference! I’ve said in my audition that I work in media so I doubt they’d risk me…

I also want to see how the production side of the program works. X Factor is a complete disgrace in terms of how the auditions are portrayed and how they are truly conducted. I admit I watch the live shows but, unlike most others, I don’t watch the auditions. They make me itch.

Ooooh my mum has got two new cats. Dodger is 7 months and Elf is 14 months. They’re from a rescue centre and have seemingly adopted me! I made a video with Dodger and one of the recordings from my Rhubarb Radio session with the lovely Mark Steadman (for his show with Anthony Herron.)

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