Glasto new talent…

Today I got an email about Q magazine‘s annual Glastonbury New Talent Competition. The competition, in it’s fifth year, gives acts the chance to perform on the main stage at Glastonbury Festival. There is also the opportunity to still perform, even if you don’t become the overall winner.

The thing is…it costs £11.50 to enter. Apparently this covers the cost of the competition etc… but is it really that necessary? Q has its own TV and radio channels, a magazine and is part of the same publishing company as Empire magazine (I bloody love their website.) So why does it have to cost so much? I haven’t got the recordings to win so I doubt I’ll enter unless someone magical flings open their studio doors for me before January 26th! I also wouldn’t know which songs to enter to be honest!

Today, on the advice on fellow Youtubers I decided to buy a guitar strap and am experiencing playing my acoustic standing up. It’s actually not as hard as I was expecting! I noticed however, that there is a lack of tasteful guitar straps on offer- particularly for girls. Perhaps an illustrator might like to have a go?

oooh I’m the 50th most viewed UK musician on youtube again….oh crap Big Brother put up that silly audition video!


Frank x

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