Slow news day?

I guess some of you reading this will have noticed articles by the Daily Mail and others talking about an incident that occured during Burnfm’s autumn broadcast concerning commented about a member of Des O’ Connor’s family.

This is not an official statement but these are some facts about the articles that I feel need to be settled.

The DJ’s were not ‘on air’ but on the internet. We were not broadcasting on FM at the time and it was only our first or second week of broadcast.

The incident did not occur earlier this month. It was back in October (the same week as the Ross/Brand scandal) eliminating people’s claims that this was an incident influenced by the Radio 2 duo.

The Burnfm committee were not aware before the incident, that it would be containing the content that it ended up broadcasting.

This term, partly due to not marketing the station, Burnfm has had an average listenership of 6 and a maximum of 28 (during a Sunday afternoon chart show.)

Any other questions, feel free to contact me, I do not want to explain further details as I fear being misquoted (which has stopped me bombarding newsdesks!)

Frank. x

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