Get Frank gets featured…

Martin from Urbanfly (follow his tweets here,) has featured my live Rhubarb Radio version of ‘Disappointed in Me’ on his blog which was a lovely surprise. The track is available to download for free with a few others from my soundcloud.

I’ve met a few people in the last couple of days who have mentioned recording with me which would be great – I need to get some decent sounding tracks as currently I’m far too lazy. I like the group feeling of recording and its fairly uninspiring cobbling things together on my own. I call the recordings I’ve made so far ‘fragments’ because none of them are complete. Often I’ll be unhappy with the vocals but because I just want to get it down, I put up with unsatisfactory takes.

The song I really want to work on is ‘So Far Away’ (makeshift video below.) I recorded it as I wrote it, (as I usually do) I want to make it longer and use it to play around with my voice a bit more. I don’t really stretch myself vocally – its time to use my training! I’ll put the first version on my soundcloud as I’ve not uploaded anything for a while….

Frank x

One thought on “Get Frank gets featured…

  1. Keep up the good work! I’d love to work on some tunes with you at some point. Maybe I will send you some stuff I’ve put together and see if you like it.

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