Get Frank needs you!

I’ve just been offered at support slot for Dan Smith at The Rainbow pub with 444 Club promotions on the 29th May.

I played with Dan Smith at the Yardbird last month and he was awesome, (think male Regina Spektor with a synth.)

So basically I need to build up a band with keys, bass, guitar and drums and for that I need people. Anyone really! If you’re interested email me, You can listen to ‘fragments’ of my stuff on my myspace, watch me and friend Nick playing some stuff on Youtube and also grab some downloads of old songs on my soundcloud.

I don’t care about virtuosos or skills or anything. Keeping time is a good thing to have as is having instruments (although I’ve got some of those of course!)

So spread the word and if possible, come on board…it will be fun, promise!

Frank x

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