Birmingham’s Got Talent

I sent in a video entry for the Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice Birmingham’s Got Talent competition ages ago and got a phone call this morning to say I’m through to the final next wednesday at the Jam House. It was rather a shock I can tell you! I sent them a video of myself and Nick performing ‘Untitled’ but watching it back I realise it really wasn’t my best performance, hence why I really am surprised!

I don’t think I’ll be performing Untitled at the event as I’m not sure how long I’ll be playing for, I think with the short length of my songs probably two. I doubt Nick, the guitarist in the above video is going to be free to play so I might be on my own! If I am then I’ll probably play ‘Three Floors HIgh‘ because I feel that works on its own, just me.

Yesterday I did some work for Chris Unitt at Fazley Studios (the studios are amazing!) I basically tried to find as many dance focused companies as possible for Chris’ work with West Midlands Dance. The company that I’d particularly like to see after looking at over 100 schools, agencys and production companies is Blue Eyed Soul who are an inclusive dance company who involve anyone they can, no matter what ability or disability that one may have.

On my way home I popped into Mouldy Loaf, a shop in the Custard Factory that commissions local artists to create unique T-Shirt designs. It made me think of a slighty ‘grown up’ Lazy Oaf (who I absolutely love!) They have a couple of offers on at the moment and I couldn’t resist a tshirt with a cloud on it. (I like clouds. Especially ones that talk.)

Feeling considerably ‘arty’ I finally recorded some stuff in my room. I decided to rearrange a song called…’An Arrangement’ and here it is…

Unfortunately I mixed the bass too low and you can’t really hear it but ah well! Please download and pass on if you have time/like it. Stick it in a blog, twitter, facebook, myspace or even email! I do not mind, just as long as people know its me. I wrote, played and recorded the entire thing – hence its scrappy nature!!!

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