This is an entry for the Student Radio Awards (Best Student Radio Station.)
It took me bloomin’ ages as we didn’t have many recordings…I’ve been rather pedantic and reorganised all the files on the production computer.
It would be amazing to get nominated as we’ve worked ‘rather hard’ (to put it lightly) this year – however I listened to stations such as Warwick’s RAW recently and they’re all amazing.
Next year we are going to have to supervise the broadcast constantly so I’m having to enlarge the Burnfm committee to around 25. We currently have around 20 committee members and 171 members. This means that I am ‘in charge’ of 170 people. My big issue currently is that the university ignore the fact that I pay a lot of money to do a degree at their establishment and the ‘daily mail’ incident that occurred last year was no one’s fault (except the two boys who are no longer members.) I’m quite tempted to publish the email I was sent by one of the Uni lawyers as it was rather disagreeable but I’m going to wait until I receive further messages and have more meetings before making that decision. Usually I just publish my own on this blog but sometimes I get so frustrated its tempting to just say ‘what the heck’ and copy and paste…


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