Fun times at Mouldy Loaf

My boyfriend Alex and his friend Neil set up a business a few years back called Mouldy Loaf. They started with a shop in Stratford….and although that’s gone now they now have their online shop (see hyperlink) and now have a shop in the Custard Factory. Although an undeniably cool space, and a very cool shop design (go have a look and see what I mean) I think it’s sometimes hard to attract new customers along.

Perhaps if there was a space next to Cow Vintage (formerly the Big Yellow Vintage Store) then they would do really well from alternative-lovin’ customers but unfortunately unless its gone midnight and the Custard Factory’s legendary parties are going strong, those people rarely venture beyond the Digbeth Subway.

Mouldy Loaf is now joining forces with local silk screen printers Cut Out and are sharing the Custard Factory shop space. Cut Out of course printed the Created in Birmingham Acorn Hospice T Shirt which you can get in the shop complete with a charming brown tag which tells you what number you are in possession of (there are 50 unisex shirts and 50 tote bags.) So if you haven’t got yours yet clearly you should go have a nosey!

Mouldy Loaf deserves and should be an enterprise that becomes vital to the Birmingham creative scene. It supports up and coming artists such as local cartoonist Gaz Barnett. You can find more artists and about them on the Mouldy Loaf Myspace page.

Here are some photos from the shoot we did for the website. I turned up in my lipstick ‘ready for my closeup’ and had a plastic bear face shoved on my mug. Charming!!!

This film was made for Al’s (Alex Buckmaster) Visual Communications project at BCU. Thanks to Nicky Getgood for Twittering and blogging about it!

One thought on “Fun times at Mouldy Loaf

  1. I’ve been at the C.F coming up on four years now (Urban Village & Diabolik) and it’s always struggled to get punters down there. I think the problem is that there isn’t a critical mass of enough ‘stuff’ to attract people down there coupled with the psycholgical barrier that you have to leave what people see as the City Centre. Hopefully when the redevelopment is finished (along with the whole Digbeth makeover) and there’s more to see and do there during the day things will turnaround.

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