Melonz Mag Launch

I am always interested in all things ‘Created in Birmingham‘ and think I’ve found the latest project to follow

Melonzmag is a new magazine venture developed by Birmingham City University 3rd year media students Natalie Chillington, Laura Blood and Katherine Higgs.

From reading the blog it seems that the girls are huge kitsch jewellery fans which is awesome given that I’m overly partial to sites such as Heidi Seeker and Lady Luck Rules OK! Plus the blog provides links to some cool vintage stuff. They also feature some music events from the Midlands area (surely I have a ‘Melonz shaped heart’!?!)

You can grab a copy of Melonz Mags’ first issue soon hopefully! They’ll be taking it to all good independent record stores, so I guess the best thing is to keep an eye at the Melonz Mag blog for details…

The following is taken from the ‘about page’ of the Melonz blog and I’m guessing pretty much sums up the magazine too…

Would you rather gouge your eyes out with a shoehorn than watch Hollyoaks?  Welcome one and all to the blog page of Melonz Magazine.

We are a new, small (but not underestimated), West Midlands-based women’s magazine for women who believe there is more to life than celebrities, X-Factor and diet fads. We promise to deliver a witty, honest and entertaining outlook on life for those of us who would rather live an interesting existence than talk about Paris Hilton and the price of bread.


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