We are coming…

On the brilliant blog of James Moran (chief writer of Torchwood: Children of Earth‘s third episode) a post on tuesday 7th July foretold;

 ‘I predict the internet will *explode* when you see a certain something through a security camera feed.’

I bet Moran himself was thrilled to find out that John Barrowman had agreed to a brief full frontal nude shot…until finding out that the writer for episode two had called it. I guess that left him just one option…subliminally tell his readers that compared to Wednesday’s episode, Tuesdays was a ‘load of old spuds’ writing;

‘potatoes play a very significant role at a crucial moment.’

…Anyone would think Torchwood was set in Ireland?!

Just kidding, James Moran is an experienced writer and sings the praises of his co workers, including Russell T. Davies (RTD.) Over on 4OD I have been having an RTD fest, devouring (if thats an appropriate term) Queer as Folk and Queer as Folk 2, which despite appearing a real product of the nineties, show RTD’s real flair for subtly outlining characters to the point where they feel like next door neighbours. I’ve reserved a book at my local library called ‘Doctor Who; The Writer’s Tale‘ by RTD which features emails from the writer to Doctor Who’s Executive Producer. Internet reviews have all been generous in their praise so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and hopefully learning a little on the way…

Are you enjoying Torchwood? Let me know (comments, @Getfrank, snail mail….)

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