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As my Amazing Folk Roots show was due to be on Amazing Radio tonight, I thought I’d better write something to explain why it won’t be!

Yesterday my contract was terminated by The Amazing Media Group, so my show has been cancelled with immediate effect.

I have been told that there is no shame in redundancy, so I hope to find work in media again sometime soon. What is sad is that everything was so instant, so sudden, that I didn’t get to do a final show – my show for tonight has already been broadcast once, but they didn’t want to broadcast it again tonight. If there is no shame in redundancy, then why has work been so swift to erase me?

I am no longer Producer Frankie on Amazing Afternoons and Kyle will be carrying on solo, which will be fine (so afternoon listeners please don’t worry!) Amazing Radio is a fantastic idea. I’ve worked with hundreds of bands, lots of talented music writers and bloggers and met some fantastic people. The team I have worked with have been brilliant. They are young, fresh and talented – and held together by the equally brilliant Operations Manager Kevin, who truly is the heart of Amazing Towers.

However I feel now, I know that I should look back and be proud of my time with Amazing. I recorded my first show for the station when I was 20, making me the youngest presenter on national radio. I put together The Afternoon Show (as it was originally called) before I graduated from university, recruiting Kyle to present and developing features that came and went before settling on ideas that I was happy with, such as Matchmaker and the New Music Tour. The show itself was deemed strong enough to be live, but I became a victim of this success as I have constructed the show in such a way that it can survive without me, and I really hope it does. There were many things I did for the company and I’m not sure what will happen, but I hope it grows without more people needing to lose their jobs.

There have been many people who have helped and supported me in the past few years that I’ve not really stopped. Waking up this morning, therefore, was a very surreal feeling, and one I didn’t like very much!

Now I need something to do, and all ideas and offers are much appreciated!

7 thoughts on “For listeners

  1. Sorry to hear that, it sounds like you’d thrown yourself into that job. There’s definitely no shame in it – there’s a lot of it about at the moment. I’m sure you’ll bounce back into something new and exciting soon enough.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I think you’ve been quite professional here, given how you must be feeling. This is to your credit. About seventeen years ago there was a bloke on Radio 1 who provided the text book case of how not to leave a job on national radio, and he was much older then than you are now.

    I have got the impression in recent weeks that the powers that be at Amazing Radio seem to be moving it away from being ecclectic and potentially cross-generational, and more in the direction of being a conventional youth/indie oriented channel along the lines of NME Radio or Xfm. The disappearance of the more ecclectic Folk Roots Show would *appear* to confirm this impression. Most of the non-BBC channels on national DAB are aimed at an older audience, so perhaps this is right way to go? Perhaps this is what audience research confirmed people wanted? I could be wrong on all counts, of course.

    Good luck with whatever you do next.

  3. Frankie – you gave me my first Radio Play and I am forever in your debt as it did lead to some things for me including recording this coming summer and a small tour upcoming for 2012.

    I’ll keep following you and look forward to hearing of your next landing spot.

    Peace – John

  4. Hi Frankie. Just seen this post. That really sucks. As someone who suddenly got made redundant a couple of years ago I know just how it feels. I have no doubt you’ll soon find something even better though. Start your own (online) radio station! I reckon you’d make a great promoter too…

    All the best.

  5. Sorry to hear the news, and about the way things were done. I haven’t been in the same professional situation, but I know how it feels to go from everything being fine to being dropped without warning, from a student radio show years ago, and more recently from the band I was in for two years! Being made redundant is always awful, but there’s an added dimension when the job is related to a passion, as it’s less ‘something you do’ and more ‘something you are’.

    Amazing Radio is an amazing concept, and the realisation of an unsigned music supporter’s fantasy, yet even this wasn’t enough to pull me in. As a fairly busy person, I didn’t think I had any more free time to devote to another station, no matter how ‘amazing’. It was the Folk Roots show that changed my mind, bringing me back (nearly) every week to catch up with the show, leading me to tune into a few other shows, and eventually resulting in me setting my internet radio to send me to sleep with the overnight automation and wake me up with the Amazing Breakfast show. I’m sure I’ll still tune in to the station from time to time, but for eclectic people like me (with a penchant for folk music), they’ve definitely lost their hook!

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