The beauty buzz

Recently I applied to trial the Burt’s Bees line of radiance enhancing skincare products.

I didn’t get picked – that honour went to stunning 26-year old model Rebecca Pearson (who appears to be vlogging on her work-related travels!) – but the company were kind enough to send me some treats anyway!

The Overnight Bee-uty Bag!

I’ve already got a larger tin of the lemony cuticle cream (which I, quite literally, always keep to hand). I’m addicted to anything that smells lemony and I’m also a fan of coconut and honey so this stuff is ‘the bees knees’ for me (apologies for the terrible puns!)

As the products are mostly little sample sizes I doubt that the peach kernel scrub, honey and milk body lotion or coconut foot cream will last too long, particularly as my body has taken to them rather quickly and I’m a huge fan of all the scents. The scrub left my face a little red for a few minutes but I could see a glow instantly that pleasingly lasted until the next morning without looking oily (something that might be down to the inclusion of willowbark amongst the ingredients). The honey and milk body lotion absorbs easily, scents the skin and moisturises for ages, with my only complaint being that I now need more! I’m also glad of the foot cream, which actually smells more of peppermint than coconut. I popped it on my feet after grappling with the hills of Lipton Spout at the weekend.

Beauty the natural way!

I’ve always wanted to invest in a Burt’s Bees lip balm so I was delighted that this kit provided me with two. I’m currently using the Replenishing Lip Balm (purple lid) which features pomegranate oil and as expected, smells lush. I shall save the classic version for another day, but I’m sure I’ll break into it soon – I get far too excited about lip balm!

All in all, I’d say I’m rather impressed by the Burt’s Bees range of products. I’m definitely going to check out more of their stuff – I’m currently on the look out for some new hand cream to use alongside the cuticle butter (which I use as a multi-tasker on rough patches such as my elbows.) I’m also going to pop into Fenwick in Newcastle to seek out some more of the honey and milk scented body lotion as I’m officially declaring myself a convert!

Any natural beauty product suggestions for me? Leave them in a comment below…

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