The Latest from The Union Choir

The Union Choir have just released the video for Your Melodica, one side of the AA release on the 28th January (the other is set-favourite Lavender).

Like debut single Eleanor (which I have a tiny cameo on), it’s being released by Cottage Industries.

Here’s the video. Predictably, it’s lush. I want a knitted version of Jon.

The Union Choir Your Melodica from David Wala on Vimeo.

I’d like to write a review and that, but I’d be totally and utterly biased, (can you blame me?). However, I will say that the first time I heard this was on my last night as a Newcastle resident, the evening of the Royal Wedding. The band played an acoustic version of the track and it felt like the perfect way to end my time in the North. In true ‘me’ style I turned up in the midst of genius Nev Clay’s set (who paused his song and gave commentary) and saw out the evening with the band and a few pints in the Head of Steam. The first time I saw Nev was my first outing ‘with the band’ so it all felt… ‘right’, but also made me not want to leave!

I’m hoping that The Union Choir ‘do a Let’s Buy Happiness‘ and publish a lovely lyric book packed with Jon-Melvin-anecdotes…

Pre-order your copy here.

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