Home Sweet Home?

Things are going up a notch in my search for a flat.

I’ve sold my shares to help with the deposit, saved as much as possible for the past year and I’ve even started a new Pinterest gallery with all the things I’d love to fill it with. Occasionally I’ll pay a visit to Ikea, Homesense or second hand charity shops to try and inspire myself to keep saving and get some ideas of what I’m working towards.

To be eligible for Shared Ownership properties you first need to register with First Steps. Then, provided you fit the criteria (savings, earning less than £60,000 pa etc), you can start hunting!

I’m absolutely, utterly addicted to hunting for places now. The only problem is, it can get a bit depressing! I work in Brentford (Zone 4 West, rubbish transport links) and currently live in Brent. A lot of properties have a criteria where you have to already live or work in the region. With the exception of Wembley, I can’t afford North West London (Kilburn etc), but can’t go further North because of the tricky commute to work. I also don’t want to live near Hounslow because it would kill my social life – getting to central to see friends, gigs etc would be very difficult.

As long as I can get to the district line or an overground line that goes to Gunnersbury, I’ll be happy. There are some fabulous, affordable places in Bow (and perfect for getting to the forthcoming Olympic Opening Ceremonies rehearsals). I definitely can’t afford Hackney or Stoke Newington – and if I could I’d be buying outright! Hopefully my new link to the area will help – and I did use to call Shoreditch home…

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