Make Like A Millionaire

If you won £1,000,000, how would you splash the cash?

That’s the question currently being posed by market traders’ betting site, GoldenBoys. They’re celebrating their launch with a massive competition that gives you the chance to live the life like a member of the financial elite, with a trip to London, 5 star accomodation, Michelin star dining, £1,000 spending money and West End tickets. Obviously, it’s a trip that only a lot of money can buy and, as time is of the essence, the prize also includes a chauffuer driven car (no Oyster card required).

Once the trip is over, the lucky winner will take home a chest packed full of gadgets and goodies to keep them living in luxury (despite a return to the day job).

The competition closes on the 1st May and can be entered here. Before then a lavish party on the 24th April is being thrown to celebrate the launch of GoldenBoys and the announcement of the winner. I’m desperate to blag an invite (hint, hint), although I don’t think I’d make enough of a convincing investment banker to make it past the bouncers…

What would you splash the cash on?

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