As seen on green screen

Since last year I’ve been working on a project which I can’t say much about – except that I’ll tweet vociferously about it once it’s live.

It involves me being on camera and possibly using green screen.

The majority of my experience on camera has been using an iPad leant against a stack of books. I’m tentative, nervous and excited and I wish I could say more, but as I probably should keep quiet (it might go awry, it might not happen, it’s probably not allowed as it’s with my employer)!

So instead, I’m going to focus on what really counts. What I’m wearing. And yes, that will definitely involve a shockingly bright lip…


Shiny skirt!

… And a stunningly shiny skirt.

But that’s about it, inspiration-wise. So I need your help! Lend me your sartorial opinions – all I know is that I should avoid green. What should I wear on camera and what should I avoid?!? Comment below or send me a Tweet…

(Thanks in advance!)

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