Skin salad

Excuse the icky title! I’ve not been eating skin, I promise!

I’ve just returned from visiting my boyfriend Luke in France (followed by my sister’s hen weekend in Wales) and I’ve over indulged in bread, wine and cake. Understandably I felt chubbier and my skin was ravaged by copious amounts of Lancome’s SPF 50 CC cream (I had to have SPF, but this isn’t a product I’ll be buying again – it’s an expensive break out in a bottle). To try and reward my body for keeping going I’ve been feeding it a rainbow every night for the past four days.

It’s pretty much a souped up tuna nicoise – although I’ve been having it with tinned salmon too. The salad in the picture above features olives, chopped gherkins, red pepper, celery, cucumber, grated carrot, mixed salad leaves, tinned salmon and a ‘just hard enough’ boiled egg. Oh, and a simple balsamic and olive oil dressing. It basically gets your jaw working double time and it’s properly refreshing and carb free (if that’s your bag).

I’m needing protein as I’m getting back into my circuit training and boxing post holiday and I’ve got a common ‘cranky knee’ condition called chondromalacia patellae which sometimes means bending my knees to get up is excruciating. However, if I eat fish I genuinely notice a difference – and fast. It doesn’t mean I don’t get a dodgy knee from jumping, but it does help me heal faster – essential given that I’m exercising at least five times a week.

The other benefit I’ve noticed is that my skin, which genuinely reached peak anger by the end of my week in France, has cleared up in double time. It’s also a combination of cutting out alcohol, swapping that evil CC cream for Garnier Moisture Match SPF 20 moisturiser and a discontinued Khiels tinted moisturiser, and using a couple of drops of Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate every other night (too much equals, yep you guessed it, breakouts). I’ve also gone back to Cetaphil skin cleanser, after using Nivea Refreshing Face Wash in France and finding it was probably increasing the skin problem, rather than helping! I geniunely think Cetaphil is brilliant – I read an article where Alexa Chung recommended it and tracked it down in the pharmacy section of Boots. (I’m now on my third bottle.)

So is the skin down to my routine or has the rainbow salad helped things along a bit? Well, I’m kind of convinced it has – usually my skin wouldn’t recover quite so fast (although the Khiel’s serum will definitely have helped). The hazard is that I’ll get stuck in a rut of the same thing every night, so if anyone has tips for skin friendly, guilt free recipes (preferably ones that feature cheap ingredients of convenience), please recommend away!

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