ASOS x Walls and the difficult decision

Ever since I saw pictures from the press launch of the ingenious Walls and ASOS collaboration I’ve been hungrily awaiting the collection’s release.

I even went to the lengths of tweeting the ASOS team about it, given that June had arrived and still no release. They first said to keep and eye on their site and then, that very same afternoon, tweeted me a link to the Twister lolly heels (£50)I’d be so desperately coveting.

I’ve not seen the amazing rocket lolly and Feast glittery clutch bags I also had my eye on posted on the site yet, but I couldn’t resist treating myself to a starship rocket dress (£40) too…

Naturally the heels are only available in a size 3 now, but the dress is still available in all sizes. I felt tentative to say the least about spending so much, but then I remembered it’s rare I find clothes I like so much – and screw it, it’s Summer.

Within a few days the pieces had arrived at work and I got so excited I ran to the loos to try them on. Thankfully my very obliging colleague Shabana took a photo for me…

To my mild horror the back of the dress is white and more revealing than you’d expect – I pretty much have to wear leggings with it or find the best white anti-VPL pants ever, because otherwise you’ll be able to see my pants through it. Not exactly ideal. The heels have no platform and are the same in height as the length of my iPhone 5C (to give you an idea). Wearing them is like trying to strut in ballet pointe shoes. Nigh on impossible.

I packed up the items and put the photos on Instagram explaining that I was going to have to return them and was pretty much flat out told by the very nice commenters that no, I couldn’t possibly return them Similarly Luke told me that the dress had to stay.

So that’s that. I’m going to watch telly in the shoes (so I don’t have to move) and buy some new pants; because you win, social media. You win.

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