Get Frank are go…

Tonight myself and Nick play the Victoria. Here’s a video of Nature Boy that we recorded the other day during practice

I’m playing glock and Nick is on guitar tonight. I might play a little precussion, however I’m a rubbish multitasker.

Its £3 NUS or £4 without. 

Last night I played an impromptue set for visiting London based act The Rileys. According to my friend and Burn’s head of music, Fuzz, two of the guys from the band came into the Burn studio to mention the gig and asked if she knew a potential support act. Fuzz called me. I had to go it alone without Nick but It was great fun. I’ve played the Bar Academy with Pyschonaut before (on bass) but playng on a stool to people not there to see you is a different but rewarding experience….and slightly alienating when you have two of the headlining act cheering directly in front of you. As singer Joe said, “It’s like a private gig!”

Don’t forget you can download some of my demos for freeness here.

Hope you see you tonight – come and say hi…

Frank x

If you see Atom/Business Time/Get Frank’s first gig

…I sent an email to Adam of Atom and His Package and got a response!

Apparently my email asking the retired musician to come play in England so I could sing on track ‘Head (she’s a)’ made his day, but unfortunately he has no plans to make a trip any time soon (or ever it seems!)

In other news I’m still searching for judges Burnfm‘s BOTB and getting messages from interested acts. Burn is sounding pretty er… ‘hot’ right now and I’m rather chuffed with everyone involved and their hard work.

I’ve got lots of work atm but I can’t help myself from watching Flight of the Conchords constantly! The new series is on Youtube…and I’m a tad obsessed. I even played ‘Business Time’ on my radio show on friday. 


I’m playing my first gig as Get Frank on thursday at the Victoria on John Bright Street (behind the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham.) It’s a Bohemian Jukebox in the City event organised by musician Ben Calvert. I’ve recruited friend/ Burnfm Head of Specialist Nick Mannix to play guitar for me so I don’t completely crack! I may play something aside from singing but haven’t decided yet. I really need to find someone to do precussion and someone to play glock and keyboard but haven’t got any takers as of yet. I should probably advertise but haven’t got a clue where to start…..

Get Frank poster


PLEASE COME! Any Q’s just email me or comment…

Frank x

Burnfm…back with a band?

A couple of days ago I finally decided to GET ON WITH IT!

‘It’ being the first Battle of the Bands. We’ve scheduled it for the 26th March (thursday before term ends.)

I’m currently on a desperate search for the organisers of Vale Fest so that I can negociate a slot on one of their stages for our winner. I also need to find some willing judges who are passionate about finding new and up and coming talent. I feel it is important for people to show their enthusiasm for Birmingham produced music as this is one of the issues raised by organisations such as Gigbeth.

We’re looking for about 5-10 acts. The amount of songs they play will depend on how much interest we recieve. If we have 10 then I’m currently pondering whether to get them to play one ‘crowd pleasing’ cover and one of their own songs (so the judges can really pick up on whether they have that ‘special spark.’

I’m going to have talks with members of Rock Soc, Indie Soc and the newly launched Band Soc to try and see how the event will work and how to get people involved….

Any ideas please comment or email me

On other stuff we’ve been back online for nearly a week and finally have some stings and beds in place which is lovely! We’re going to sort out more marketing and start talking…!

The most important thing to get off the ground is the computer system which our Tech guy, Michael Barton has built us an automated playback system. He just has to correct a bug in the program and then we’ll all be able to put music on the system and really get things off the ground.


Frank x

My name in ink

When I was six and being ‘groomed for stardom’ by a weekend stage school the only ambition myself (and my mother) had was for my name to be up in lights on Shaftsbury Avenue.  Thirteen years later I have seen my name in super shiny ink and I couldn’t be happier.

On Saturday morning a bubble wrapped package lay in the hallway of my student house. On seeing the Channel 4 logo I realised the package was for me and spent the next ten minutes joyfully trying to work out how to actually hack my way through to the gloriously bright magazine inside.

It came as quite a surprise to me when I discovered that, despite not winning, I could still make an appearance in the winter issue of 4Talent magazine. I entered the wrong category, without preparing a proper portfolio or giving myself enough time to post hard copies off to Birmingham based 4 Talent Central. (Ironically I usually live in Birmingham for university but was in Kent working for the BBC when I discovered about the awards and it’s nearing deadline for entry.)

Reading through the magazine has given me inspiration for the future- not only because of the advice and professional insight provided by the contributors but also due to the fact that the age cut off for entering the awards is thirty. This means I have eleven years to get myself together!

Without realising, my first foray into journalism came on my16th birthday when I decided to make a documentary on the ‘chav culture’ of a local nightclub titled ‘Ikon or Pikon.’ When I showed this, and other videos to my year eleven form tutor he insisted I show them to the head of media studies and consider the subject itself for A level. I declined the option to study the subject however; I wanted to create media- not study it.

When it came to choosing University I decided to do a subject I could actually stick at for three years and enjoy. I went into uni thinking I wanted to be a theatre director. As I sat in a student union bar full of student drama fanatics I yearned to be in the meeting next door, where my friend was applying for a radio show. A few days later I found the studio and blagged myself a specialist music show. A few months later I was on the committee and in a few days time I will stand for Station Manager.

At first, trawling through online work experience applications and email rejections I imagined I’d never find a placement to set me on a broadcasting career path. I was of the opinion that to get work experience you had to have already had experience and the whole system was an impenetrable system. Now I realise you have to make your own. My way of doing this (again without realising it) was through writing and contributing to blogs and radio.

One of the great things about being a student is the freedom of having an interest free overdraft! I worked for BBC Blast, BBC Radio Kent, Myspace Radio and 4Talent over the summer and found myself owing a lot of money to the bank. The good thing about education is I have a while to pay it back, and as far as I am concerned, the more experience I get, the more likely I’ll be able to once I have graduated.

Recently my University held a ‘Breaking into Broadcasting’ event that I unfortunately missed. My friend, however, didn’t. “It was all scaremongering” my friend said, “They basically said there’s 100,000 British media students and 60,000 broadcasting jobs.” (both of us, not studying media, are not included in that 100,000.) Suddenly I was glad I’d passed up the opportunity to stay at home and write.

These days broadcasting has become increasingly focused on the ‘360’ of television, radio and online. I realise that it’s been three years since my debut documentary and now may be a good time to return to the moving image.

Since getting a Macbook with a built in camera and getting involved in the Internet Zombie Movie (which was referenced in the current issue of 4Talent magazine.) I’ve developed a keen interest in the way that You Tube works. How do you get subscribers for starters, and then how can you become a You Tube Partner and actually make earnings from your home made efforts?

This process I am aware, will not be as simple as creating a blog: I have no budget. My three year old camera makes a horrible whirring sound when I press record and all I really have is my Macbook, but something tells me I can do it…

Well I made it into 4Talent magazine didn’t I?


Hot and Cold

I have felt absolutely rotten for the past couple of days.

Tomorrow I have an important interview so I hope I’ll feel a bit more on form! My house has no hot water or heating at the moment so when I am cold I am really cold. I’ve shaken so hard today my leg went pop! (Ouch!) Right now I’m all hot and all over the place but hopefully it will calm soon. has been going well so far. I’m going to have a meeting with my mainstream team now they’ve experienced being on air and have a feel for radio. This will hopefully lead to correlation within shows, with linking features, competitions etc.. I want to get it settled into routine before my essays/practical exams kick in so I can focus on work and not worry!

I really want to make a video for Gigbeth’s Sugarhill Gang Competiton but right now don’t feel so great, perhaps I’ll hip hop out in my pj’s!

Nature Boy, Open Mics, Burning hot and Laura Marling

I wrote a song with my friend Fuzz on sunday. I was teaching her to play Ukulele and as she learnt four chords I wrote a song using them and a story about a boy she exploited for the sake of art! Well not exploited exactly…but the picture she used him for got her artwork displayed in the Ikon gallery so clearly it was a love story worth singing about! I’ve done a simple keyboard version as you can see on the second video below. When I’m concentrating on playing my instruments my accent descends into Kate Nash territory however, apologies in advance.

I played this song at an open mic night yesterday with my boyfriend Chris. We also played Disappointed in Me and I performed ‘You Don’t Like Love’ on the guitar (it was originally on the uke) and we finished with Chris’ song Optimist which I sang backing vocals on. This is him playing the song in his room. When I first met him at an open mic I performed before him and as I sat on the stool I said “Well you’re all a bit optimistic aren’t you?” which made him decide to play it in his set, saying “Someone mentioned the name of this song earlier so I thought I’d play it!
I was hooked, so here it is… (at the top of the blog.) is now up and running! We’re in the first week of broadcast so not pushing too much marketing wise at the moment but listeners would of course be welcomed with open arms! I’m currently on air from 10-12 on monday mornings and during the same time slot on wednesdays. We’ve found a tech supremo who is going to develop our website, hoorah! Tonight I’ve got a meeting for Rhubarb. It’s important that I sort out my position within the community radio station as Burnfm+Uni is quite time consuming!

Finally I sorted out questions for my Culture Deluxe interview with Laura Marling. Unfortunately it’s an email interview which, despite saving on long transcribing, is hard to get right as I can’t pursue a subject or develop an answer. However, it’s been my dream to interview Laura for a while now so I’m still rather happy!


Burn is back…and hotter than ever

For my tales of the open mic night I went to on thursday check out my gigbeth blog,

It was such an amazing evening and I made a good friend in Chris Walker, who gigs part time with Duke Special. Apparently he was watching my videos at rehearsal when Peter (mr Duke himself) had a watch. Chris told me they tried playing it in a different time signature….oh lordy!
On friday we had a record number of people turn up to our Burnfm freshers meeting. The response was incredible so now I must trawl through applications and put teams together for the broadcast beginning on the 20th October. It’s so exciting to see people getting as passionate as I am…..ahhhhh!
Tonight I’m having the evening off, going to a pub quiz in Selly Oak.
Frank x