How to grow up

I’ve wanted to vlog for a while, but knew that simply talking to a camera probably ain’t gonna cut it these days.

There’s something about vloggers like Tanya Burr and Zoella that weirdly compels me to watch – and they are very watchable – but I wanted to do some brief, lighthearted videos that look at different elements of being a so-called ‘grown up’. It’s not necessarily advice for young people that’s helpful right here and now, but it’s about making the idea of being an adult less intimidating, whilst also exploring what that actually means – do your thoughts change? Does your behaviour drastically alter? How do you actually know you are one? What does being ‘grown up’ actually mean?

I’m not planning on talking about makeup and clothes – although I’ll probably wear a lot of silver garments. I’m also not investing in amazing lighting or sound – at the moment, there’s just no point. I’m still exploring the format (and yes, it’s probably very typical YouTube in that I’ll be using jump cuts and cutaways, but hey, that’s the medium).

My first video isn’t about something that everyone will experience – it’s not something everyone wants to do (or sadly can afford, given this day and age), but it’s something personal to me, given that a question I’m often asked is; “why on earth would you live on your own!?” Hopefully my video sums up why I really enjoy it and why it was the right choice for me.

My flat is a shared ownership property – meaning that I pay a mortgage on 25% and pay subsidised rent on the rest. So I can decorate it, but I’m also responsible for paying for repairs should anything go wrong. I can staircase to buy 100%, or I can sell my 25%, splitting any increase in value with the housing association who own the remaining 75%. There’s no point in satirising between as whoever buys next will also be shared ownership and will have to buy my entire share – much more difficult at 50% than 25%.

One of those ambitions I’d had for over a decade (genuinely since becoming a teenager) was to have my own place, and although I don’t own the whole property, I feel that I’ve achieved something.

I should also add, no animals or muppets were harmed in the making of the above vlog, although my sofa is lucky to be alive…

More vlogs coming soon – please let me know if there’s a topic you think I should cover!


Margate: a Dreamland reborn?

I’ve just returned from a weekend in Margate – my first trip to the Kent coastal town in 13 years.

In 2005, the main attraction to the area, amusement park Dreamland, closed. Due to be redeveloped into housing, a Grade II listed 1920s wooden rollercoaster meant that the site couldn’t be worked on and in 2013, the site was bought back for redevelopment. And thank goodness because, together with the Turner Contemporary gallery, Margate is experiencing an unprecedented revival.

#Dreamland in #Margate by night – magic!

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It took about an hour and a half from Kings Cross St Pancras (even less from Stratford if you’re an East London girl like me), and we got an Air B&B place to stay in Cliftonville, which is about 20 minutes walk from Dreamland, 15 from the Turner Contemporary. Owner John has converted the property next door into three flats of varying size, each with their own balcony. We stayed in HMS Seahorse (all the flats are named after Nelson’s ships), at a cost of £112 per night. John provided us with orange juice and croissants for breakfast, and greeted us with a bottle of drinkable red. There was a range of old school CDs (when we pressed play the Bangles’ Eternal Flame blasted out, much to our amusement) and feel-good DVDs, including Mamma Mia and Slumdog Millionaire. Although, much to our horror, no Nicholas Cage…


Aside from Dreamland, which we’ll get to, Margate’s old town is host to a clutch of lovely vintage emporiums – curated beautifully I might add – cafes, bars and some of the best furniture shops you’ll ever have the pleasure of browsing. If I ever have the funds to buy a house and furnish from the ground up, I’ll be driving there in a removal van before I even think about stepping foot in Ikea! Being a loose leaf tea fanatic, I have to sing the praises of Lady Tesla’s Loose Leaves and Mud, a tea shop run to eccentric perfection – generous 100g bags of tea leaves start from around the £3 mark (I took away some delicious peppermint for £4.50 and it’ll last me for ages, even if I drink it every day). You can also try any of the teas to take away for £1 (or drink in). I had an amazing coffee and amaretto rooibos (red) tea – I’m itching to go back and buy a full bag now!

The Turner Contemporary gallery is currently host to the Provincial Punk exhibition by Grayson Perry and it’s not to be missed – getting so close to Perry’s works was totally unexpected. His pots are extraordinary – but the true jaw droppers are his massive tapestries, including 2009’s Walthamstow Tapestry.

On the opposite end of the artistic spectrum, Margate is home to the mysterious Shell Grotto, which features 4.6 million shells stored away in passageways under someone’s house!

Shell Grotto – a hidden gem just a couple of minutes walk from the old town #Margate

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For £3.50, you can wander the cool passageways and have your mind blown by the ornate walls, with its mosaics of flowers and animals. Mysteriously, the origins of the grotto is unknown, although perhaps if the Friends of the Shell Grotto raise enough funds needed to conserve it, perhaps they can fund carbon dating to discover the truth!

On Saturday night we ate at the critically acclaimed Ambrette, which serves incredible Indian cuisine (not of the curry variety) for a decent price – although booking is pretty much essential. (It was lucky we turned up at 5:45!) The service is some of the best I’ve ever experienced. Essential dining for any visitor (essential drinking being provided by the Lifeboat pub). A quick, tasty Sunday lunch was eaten at the Great British Pizza Company in Margate.


After filling up at Ambrette and having a glass of courage in the relaxing surroundings of the Lifeboat pub, it was time to embrace Dreamland’s roller disco – one of the first attractions to open at the park. For £4.95 (peak), you get given a pair of skates and can roll to your heart’s content! Needless to say, we stayed until closing time – AND I didn’t fall.

Roller disco at #Dreamland #Margate

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The next day, it was finally time to hit the rides of Dreamland. Unfortunately the scenic railway isn’t fully restored and ready for action yet, something I was well aware of – unfortunately, neither were a few other rides, including the Crazy Mouse, which I was a little disappointed by! However, there was still a wide range of rides on offer, from the child friendly (Caterpillar), to the downright terrifying (Top Spin – a creakier counterpart to Chessington World of Adventures’ Rameses Revenge). You can even experience crazy levels of G-force in the Barrel of Laughs, which spins so fast that you stick to its sides as the floor drops from beneath you.

Alright Matt! #Dreamland

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There’s still so much to be opened at Dreamland, rides aside. Next to open is the Dreamland Ballroom, followed by the Hall by the Sea and even a bingo hall! The design of the park and its marketing is cleverly pitched at young Londoners like me – and I hope others find themselves seduced by it. Margate might not match Brighton for nightlife, but it has the potential to be a major seaside resort in the next few years. I’ll certainly be back, friends in tow.

Recommended by a Friend: Comedians on their pick of the Edinburgh Fringe

Last year I produced and presented an interactive video series called Frankie’s Fringe Focus.

This year I’ve gone back to YouTube and spoken to four of my favourite up-and-coming comics about the shows you shouldn’t miss in Edinburgh this year.

Sofie Hagen

I recorded this with Danish comic (and Denmark’s biggest Westlife fan) Sofie Hagen in the loos upstairs at the Camden Head (the one in Camden, rather than its Angel namesake). I’ve been dying to interview her since meeting her at the BBC Radio New Comedy Award in 2013 so was thrilled when she agreed to meet me in the aforementioned bathroom (with my sister on iPad holding duties) to recommend Damien Clark’s latest full length show. I also saw a preview of her own show, Bubblewrap, after our interview and it was poignant, hilarious and unmissable.

Find out more about Sofie’s free show, Bubblewrap

Find out more about Damien Clark’s free show It’s a Good Day to Damo

Joz Norris

I LOVE JOZ! He’s awesome and so much fun to watch and generally be around. This was, in essence, a pilot for the format. (Thanks for being my guinea pig, Joz!) I really enjoyed last year’s show and this year’s Hey Guys comes complete with a toilet seat head and Neil Young – what more could you want? Well, possibly another laughter-packed show, in Marny Godden’s bonkers character show Flap ‘Em on the Gate, the first solo hour from The Grandees perforner. It’s very amusing – and yes, you may be pulled up on stage (but she doesn’t bite).

Find out more about Joz Norris: Hey Guys!

Find out more about Marny Godden: Flap ‘Em on the Gate

Michael Brunström

Part man, part river Michael is responsible for one of the most surprising uses of a morph suit ever to be witnessed in Edinburgh. Now he’s back with The Golden Age of Steam. Rumours he will once again make audience members dance with a fennel are currently unsubstantiated. He’s recommending the utterly charming Colin Leggo (google Breaking Bude for one of his hilarious Cornish videos).

Find out more about Michael Brunström: The Golden Age of Steam

Find out more about Colin Leggo: Leggoland

Matt Winning

Matt Winning is an absurd comic, member of the Bearpit Podcast and all round lovely person, so it’s a real treat to have him on the show to recommend Sean McLoughlin’s show at this year’s Fringe – and, by way of a bonus, he’s debuting his first hour, Mugabe and Me this year, so if you like a bit of intelligent wordplay with outlandish impressions, he’s your man!

Find out more about Matt Winning: Mugabe and Me

Find out more about Sean McLoughlin: Whatever It Takes

But who would you recommend at this year’s Fringe? Tell the world, well Twitter, using the hashtag #RecommendedByAFriend

Oh, make me over!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m making a few ‘alternations’ to myself…

I’ve held off cutting my hair because people were aghast at the suggestion, thought I couldn’t get a tattoo because ‘what would it be like in your mid-thirties’. That I shouldn’t wear anything sheer or too bright or ‘out there’. I had a classic case of being a woman in a society where we’re held to a standard we see in shampoo and body lotion ads, filling out the costly pages of the free ES Magazine.

The last few months were tough, but now I’m about to start a new job, and being ‘on my own’ is just a social construct. I don’t need someone else to be a ‘whole person’. But I am interested in looking deeper into my own identity, and the surface changes are like a little contract to myself to remember be who I want to be.

I’m still working on it though; an unloved pile of clothes and shoes sits in a corner; it’s time for a clear out.

The first change was my hair. After months of holding the front high in front of my face to emulate Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing, I finally got the courage to tell my hairdresser Salma that I really did want to go short and crazy – my hair grows quickly after all!

Hair before #balayage with @bleachlondon

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I stepped out of Tigi’s Creative Studio at Boxpark Shoreditch with the biggest barnet I’ve ever rocked. Shockingly for me – someone who has always had to wash my hair if I wanted to leave the house to tame its frizzy self – I now don’t have to condition my hair every single morning. It’s great – I’m like a normal person who can get on with stuff and not have wet hair on the tube!

Later, I went even further. Going for DIY highlights (applied by my sister – which was, quite frankly, terrifying). I didn’t get them quite light enough to dye the ends with some of the fun temporary colours Bleach London makes, but their balayage kit was great – so I’d definitely recommend their range at Boots if you’re looking for a change.

My tiny lower black eye is now a semi-fashionable purple

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I guess it’s the fact that the hair cut didn’t hurt that I decided to finally go for something that I knew actually would (at least in the short term). I’d been obsessively Instagramming tattoo artists and researching the best places to go when I stumbled across Emily Alice Johnston, who tattoos in black with that really cool style of deceptively simple looking line drawings that didn’t resemble anyone else’s work. In another daunting move, I headed to Into You Tattoo in Farringdon to place my cash deposit…


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I knew I wanted something with a botanical theme and had been thinking about having forget-me-nots on my foot for a good few years, but in the couple of weeks before getting inked I swayed between thistles and poppy seed heads. Then, two days before, my mind finally settled; a dandelion clock.

When I met Emily she showed me her flash book (basically like a portfolio of signature designs) I saw some flowers I liked but really wanted something bespoke so mentioned my idea. After printing out a botanical drawing from the internet, she drew me what turned out to be more of a ‘lifecycle of a dandelion’, with different types of dandelion flowers and a very complex looking leaf! She asked me if I wanted it to be smaller, given that it was my first one, and I decided to go for it as it was!

For those of you wondering about the feeling of getting a tattoo, imagine the pain of an injection – say your BGC vaccine – and then imagine it being administered multiple times very quickly, whilst the scratching is simultaneously dragged across your skin. And yes, the foot is bony and therefore can’t cushion you from the pain of the needle as easily which means the pain is intensified.

And yet, despite this, getting tattooed was one of the most ‘zen-like’ experiences I’ve ever had. I had to focus so hard on breathing that I didn’t really think about anything else. Not that I recommend being in pain to meditate, but I think I learnt a lot about breathing in a short space of time… Also, there were some very cool people in that studio I did NOT want to embarrass myself in front of. Emily declared that I was one of the most silent people she’d ever tattooed – much to the amusement of anyone who’s ever been in the same room as me…

Perfect #clogs for showing off my new #tattoo!

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Here’s the thing about tattoos – I’m not going to feel hugely different about it in my mid-thirties, or any other decade. I’m going to be able to look down at it and remember who I was when I got it – a reminder to never let myself go. Not physically, but (and I’d rarely use this word for myself) spiritually.

Hey Tories, tax me – not my licence fee

Today George Osborne’s budget revealed that soon the BBC is to fund the cost of free licence-fees for over-75s.

This will apply to all and will not be means tested. It will eat up a fifth of the BBC’s budget – and don’t forget that the BBC is already cutting over 1,000 jobs to save £50 million (it has yet to announce how it will save a further £100 million currently needing to be found).

Here’s the thing; I understand the need to help people in need and I totally support social policies that do this. There are pensioners in this country who have very little money and are entitled to help. And this is one of the many reasons we have taxes – based on the income we earn and adjusted to reflect this. And these taxes are how this policy should be funded. You want to tax me more to fund this? Fine. I will pay £150 pounds in extra tax a year  – between 12 and 13 pounds a month – to fund someone in need to have access to the wide and varied communications services the BBC provides.

Another pledge the Tories promised during their election campaign was a further freeze of the licence fee. With this new plan announced, this would be disastrous for the BBC – but it looks like Director General Tony Hall has cut a deal that means a rise in line with inflation will be possible. Bear in mind that for many years annual BBC staff pay rises have been under the rate of inflation. This rise of the licence fee wouldn’t mean pay rises for its staff, but it will be vital to keep the BBC going. Again, however – why not means test people to see who should be eligible for a free licence, avoid eating up the budget and freeze the licence fee for another five years. Either way the BBC is negatively effected, but surely it’s preferable to a BBC that can’t afford to commission the dramas that BBC Worldwide can syndicate internationally in order to fund public service content for the nation.

To be honest, I’m surprised, shocked and saddened that this move today is even legal – surely we, as licence fee and tax payers, should have a say in how the product we pay for is deprecated. How our services are cut and whether we prefer to keep thousands of people in work – paying their taxes and the cost of their TV licences, no less. The BBC is vital to the growth of the indie production sector, to training the next generation in media, developing the digital ideas that will inspire the industry (iPlayer, for example), for entertaining and educating our children, from toddlers to teenagers (where they’ll use the BBC for revision and learning), to find recipes from the chefs they see on BBC channels (not imperialist Osbourne, but a common sense ‘digital 360’ approach to programming, making commissions go further for the audience), inspiring and informing the world with the hugely trusted World Service, making household names of British writers, actors and directors. Uncovering conspiracies and covering wars. Soundtracking our kitchens, bedrooms, cars and gardens with BBC Radio. Bringing culture – both live and recorded – to the masses. I simply can’t cover it all in this blog, but I do welcome you to mention your favourite BBC services in the comments below.

There’s a well-known routine in the journalism industry; everyone watches Sky News. They have a dedicated pot of money so they can publish stories as soon as they come in without necessarily knowing how watertight they are. They seek the viewers and cover their backs later. This doesn’t mean their coverage is usually inaccurate, but it’s why they can take risks and break stories before anyone else. The BBC, on the other hand, has to have anything it reports verified. In other words, everyone may watch Sky News, but they trust the BBC. They’re ying and yang and they balance each other out. There is absolutely room for both.

Osborne may say that BBC News is risking the stability of the national press, but I smell a rat. The BBC News website again publishes verifiable, unbiased news stories. The majority of the national press is right wing; they provide a loud, supportive voice for the Tories. They are essential to their plans come election season. The Tories need these outlets. Therefore they need to crush the alternative. And so they turn on the BBC and they attempt to tear it apart, before people decide they prefer their news to be news, and not an opinion published to sell papers.

To conclude, I repeat my earlier statement – tax my income, and not the culture I willingly pay for.

ASOS x Walls and the difficult decision

Ever since I saw pictures from the press launch of the ingenious Walls and ASOS collaboration I’ve been hungrily awaiting the collection’s release.

I even went to the lengths of tweeting the ASOS team about it, given that June had arrived and still no release. They first said to keep and eye on their site and then, that very same afternoon, tweeted me a link to the Twister lolly heels (£50)I’d be so desperately coveting.

I’ve not seen the amazing rocket lolly and Feast glittery clutch bags I also had my eye on posted on the site yet, but I couldn’t resist treating myself to a starship rocket dress (£40) too…

Naturally the heels are only available in a size 3 now, but the dress is still available in all sizes. I felt tentative to say the least about spending so much, but then I remembered it’s rare I find clothes I like so much – and screw it, it’s Summer.

Within a few days the pieces had arrived at work and I got so excited I ran to the loos to try them on. Thankfully my very obliging colleague Shabana took a photo for me…

To my mild horror the back of the dress is white and more revealing than you’d expect – I pretty much have to wear leggings with it or find the best white anti-VPL pants ever, because otherwise you’ll be able to see my pants through it. Not exactly ideal. The heels have no platform and are the same in height as the length of my iPhone 5C (to give you an idea). Wearing them is like trying to strut in ballet pointe shoes. Nigh on impossible.

I packed up the items and put the photos on Instagram explaining that I was going to have to return them and was pretty much flat out told by the very nice commenters that no, I couldn’t possibly return them Similarly Luke told me that the dress had to stay.

So that’s that. I’m going to watch telly in the shoes (so I don’t have to move) and buy some new pants; because you win, social media. You win.

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I'll keep the shoes!

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Skin salad

Excuse the icky title! I’ve not been eating skin, I promise!

I’ve just returned from visiting my boyfriend Luke in France (followed by my sister’s hen weekend in Wales) and I’ve over indulged in bread, wine and cake. Understandably I felt chubbier and my skin was ravaged by copious amounts of Lancome’s SPF 50 CC cream (I had to have SPF, but this isn’t a product I’ll be buying again – it’s an expensive break out in a bottle). To try and reward my body for keeping going I’ve been feeding it a rainbow every night for the past four days.

Rainbow bright salad! #veggiemountain

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It’s pretty much a souped up tuna nicoise – although I’ve been having it with tinned salmon too. The salad in the picture above features olives, chopped gherkins, red pepper, celery, cucumber, grated carrot, mixed salad leaves, tinned salmon and a ‘just hard enough’ boiled egg. Oh, and a simple balsamic and olive oil dressing. It basically gets your jaw working double time and it’s properly refreshing and carb free (if that’s your bag).

I’m needing protein as I’m getting back into my circuit training and boxing post holiday and I’ve got a common ‘cranky knee’ condition called chondromalacia patellae which sometimes means bending my knees to get up is excruciating. However, if I eat fish I genuinely notice a difference – and fast. It doesn’t mean I don’t get a dodgy knee from jumping, but it does help me heal faster – essential given that I’m exercising at least five times a week.

The other benefit I’ve noticed is that my skin, which genuinely reached peak anger by the end of my week in France, has cleared up in double time. It’s also a combination of cutting out alcohol, swapping that evil CC cream for Garnier Moisture Match SPF 20 moisturiser and a discontinued Khiels tinted moisturiser, and using a couple of drops of Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate every other night (too much equals, yep you guessed it, breakouts). I’ve also gone back to Cetaphil skin cleanser, after using Nivea Refreshing Face Wash in France and finding it was probably increasing the skin problem, rather than helping! I geniunely think Cetaphil is brilliant – I read an article where Alexa Chung recommended it and tracked it down in the pharmacy section of Boots. (I’m now on my third bottle.)

So is the skin down to my routine or has the rainbow salad helped things along a bit? Well, I’m kind of convinced it has – usually my skin wouldn’t recover quite so fast (although the Khiel’s serum will definitely have helped). The hazard is that I’ll get stuck in a rut of the same thing every night, so if anyone has tips for skin friendly, guilt free recipes (preferably ones that feature cheap ingredients of convenience), please recommend away!

Roxanne de Bastion – live in London!

I am pleased to announce that I’ll be at Roxanne de Bastion’s single launch on Tuesday 28th…

… Ahem. Not that I’m playing or anything! I’ll be in the crowd cheering her on!

I used to play Roxanne’s music on my Amazing Radio show and we caught up over a glass of wine last week to chat about gigging in Europe and getting a band together in London – the former is great, the second is difficult!

It’ll be brilliant to finally see Roxanne perform live – she’s got a pure (but interesting) and her new song Rerun (video above) hints at a move into experiments with a larger sound beyond a traditional acoustic set up (but still with cello – gotta love a cello!)

You can get tickets and find out more here.


See you there?

As seen on green screen

Since last year I’ve been working on a project which I can’t say much about – except that I’ll tweet vociferously about it once it’s live.

It involves me being on camera and possibly using green screen.

The majority of my experience on camera has been using an iPad leant against a stack of books. I’m tentative, nervous and excited and I wish I could say more, but as I probably should keep quiet (it might go awry, it might not happen, it’s probably not allowed as it’s with my employer)!

So instead, I’m going to focus on what really counts. What I’m wearing. And yes, that will definitely involve a shockingly bright lip…


Shiny skirt!

… And a stunningly shiny skirt.

But that’s about it, inspiration-wise. So I need your help! Lend me your sartorial opinions – all I know is that I should avoid green. What should I wear on camera and what should I avoid?!? Comment below or send me a Tweet…

(Thanks in advance!)

Getting fit on YouTube

I’ve recently made a foray back into live blogging, starting with a video about my efforts to get fit.

I’ve been a devotee of Davina DVDs for a few years now, but I’ve decided to diversify and try and mix things up a bit! Oh, and to get my bum into gear and make myself get outside too…

Currently I do circuit training on Tuesdays (cardio based) and Fridays (toning focused), boxing on Thursdays and running on Saturday and Sunday, plus the occasional Tuesday dance class. My boyfriend Luke has become a sparring partner at weekends too…

It sounds knackering, but it’s all in the name of being active at least 5 – 6 times a week. I fit my classes into lunchtimes at work (30 minutes each) and I don’t tend to run more than twenty minutes at a time. So really, it adds up to less than four hours a week.

Here’s my thoughts on getting started in running…

Now, if only I could start cooking wider variety of foods…