Frankie’s Stage Invasion

Anyone who reads this blog regularly or follows me on Twitter will be aware that I’ve been making an interactive video series called Frankie’s Fringe Focus.

But now I want to go one step further and swap the safety of my seat for the stage. Partly because I want to see what it’s like to be ‘the one from the audience that gets picked on’ (what can I say – I’m a glutton for punishment), but mostly because it’s a cheaper – and safer – source of adrenaline than bungee jumping!


And so my quest is simple; I want comics to choose me as their ‘featured audience member’ if their show requires one, before doing a cheeky little post-show interview for a little video I’m making about the challenge.

I’ll be in Edinburgh from the 13 – 19th August. To ask me about the challenge, or to invite me to a show, email or tweet me @getfrank.


If you advertise your beliefs in your outfit, be prepared to talk about them…

The other day I was sat on the central line, music in my ears (but not so loud anyone could hear what I was listening to… probably something I should have removed from my playlist years ago) when the woman opposite me got up at Oxford Circus, pointed at me and started mouthing something at me.

I removed my headphones. It turned out she wasn’t mouthing, she was actually speaking.

“Me too!” She said. I looked down. She was pointing to my feminism necklace. I got excited.

“It’s from… um.. Oh…” I hesitated, before realising that it was from Thrift Ola, which is run by the former owner of Lady Luck Rules Ok (sadly missed). “Google Lucky Dip Club!” I called after her as she dashed off before the train started moving again. Since then, there’s been a pleasing handful of people who have commented or shared that they too are feminists. The custom name necklace I’m wearing in the photo below is now out of stock, but you can order your own ‘feminist’ necklace with companies such as the brilliant Tatty Devine and their name necklace service). 


Once, in a branch of Carphone Warehouse, a guy pointed out my necklace and he confessed his mixed feelings about feminism. We had a perfectly respectable debate, where his chief concern was ‘how to approach women’ in clubs etc. I think that this is perfectly reasonable concern, but one can be easily addressed. Just be nice and respectful – it’s fine to go and say hello to someone, just don’t grope them, launch into aggressive sexual suggestions and so on and so forth.

On Monday I was walking through Kensington when a guy stopped me (saying a polite “excuse me”) said he liked my dress, asked me about myself and where I was going (in a non-creepy way). I genuinely was off to a gig with my boyfriend (I don’t really have many other reasons to be in that part of town), but I didn’t mind being stopped at all – I felt like I had control.

Now, I’m not suggesting that the male population needs to take tips from charity muggers and start stopping women in the street left, right and centre, but maybe the guy from the Carphone Warehouse should take note – respectfulness works!

More recently on the Central Line (that same Monday I ended up in Kensington) I was sat across from a man who wore a hat on his head with the bold (in both senses of the word) slogan that said “buy it or bang it”. I’m pretty sure this referred to women, although the phrase could quite as easily be applied to a fridge, among other objects. Obviously I didn’t ask him if he was a banger of white goods – I didn’t speak to him at all – but I doubt anyone will. If someone displays sexually aggressive misogynistic intent on their attire, it’s less approachable than someone wearing a one word representing a popular, if incomprehensibly controversial, ideology.

Now people have started talking to me about feminism in person, I’m keen to do it more often! I’m toying with ordering a Tatty Devine speech bubble necklace that says ‘talk to me about feminism’ to keep the conversation going…

Frankie’s Fringe Focus: Lou Sanders

The ninth (yes, ninth – catch up here) episode of my foray into comedy interviews, Frankie’s Fringe Focus, is with the wickedly funny Lou Sanders.

Lou is one of those stand-ups who are hard to compare with anyone else. She’s got a unique, almost anarchic, energy about her – you trust her onstage, even though you can’t predict what she’s going to do next.

We shot this in the ladies’ loo in the Camden Head (the Camden one, not Angel), with Lou’s friend holding my iPad. After this (and my video with Lead Pencil) I realised that the main (front) camera on my iPad simply doesn’t focus properly, so from now on, even if someone else is filming, I’m going to have to film using the front camera.

Luckily Lou looks nice in this video (while I look like I’m partly made of the sun… and not in a good way) and we chat about her amazing character The Money Lady, calculate the number of jokes on offer in this year’s show, Lou Sanders in Another Great Show Again, and cover tap dancing vaginas… just because.

Click here to watch the video now. It’s interactive so you can touch it if you’ve got that kind of screen – or click with your mouse if you haven’t!

The Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is calling…

In my opinion, the grand opening party of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza (their first European location) missed a trick in not asking Eurovision winners Lordi to perform their winning song ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’. However, they certainly didn’t disappoint on June 13th with their actual party performers, Chic featuring Nile Rogers.

Now they’re open, the hotel are keen to keep the party going and have announced a series of top acts (and Robin Thicke) who’ll be performing at the venue, on the beautiful playa d’en Bossa beach, over the summer.

Here’s what the line-up is currently looking like:

UB40 (June 27th)

Robin Thicke (July 4th)
Icona Pop (July 11th)
Jason Derulo (July 25th)
Ellie Goulding (8th August)
Snoop Dogg (15th August)
Kylie (flippin’) Minogue (22nd August)
Placebo (12th September)

I saw Icona Pop before I Love It became the hit of last summer and they were amazing – the perfect act to see in the sunset. It’s their enthusiastic energy onstage that really makes the pair a must-see (you don’t notice the songs for the crazy dancing the audience goes mad for). I’m most excited for Kylie Minogue, who is simply peerless for bringing disco into the present – and if we happened to meet each other in the front row at Placebo, we could totally mime along to Special K together… along with 2,500 people!

Luckily if the throng of people simply get too much, you can head to one of the hotel’s many chill-out areas or take a dip in the pool. Sounds like bliss… Where’s my plane ticket?

Hey guys, this is a sponsored article – but if I don’t like it, I won’t write about it.